terms & conditions

The rights of our clients are:
Enjoy the hotel facilities, know the applicable legal requirements applicable to guests to carry out their tourist activities, the right to smoke in areas designated for this, to receive good service, to use the room once you have signed your accommodation contract and canceled your stay with the means used by the hotel (cash or credit or debit cards), to be attended to in your concerns about the service since if you do not feel comfortable providing the service, your contract will be canceled and therefore receive your money back (if the cause is justifiable). Our guests can enjoy the tourist sites of Girardot. They have the right to be informed of our commitment to sustainability and to participate in them to make the service an example for the optimization and rational use of the resources made available to them. The guest has the right to know the rate and prices of the hotel and to accept their modifications without prior notice. You have the right to know the code of conduct by which the hotel is governed and does not allow under any circumstances the entry of children, children and adolescents for commercial exploitation or sexual abuse.
The duties of our clients are:
Provide their documents for the proper registration and in the case of bringing minors, provide their documents to confirm their relationship. The guest is obliged to pay the agreed rate in cash or with credit or debit cards to receive their accommodation service once the due accommodation contract has been concluded where these rules are mentioned. The guest must respect the social areas of the hotel, in addition to respecting the tranquility of the clients. You must perform the garbage classification to cooperate with the proper management of the waste. It must give rational use to water and energy trying to make rational use of these resources since the hotel is committed to developing the hotel activity in a sustainable environment. The guest undertakes to comply with the code of conduct and any improper conduct that contravenes this provision will be reported by the hotel to the relevant authorities. The guest must make good use of the hotel facilities and all the accessories that are in the rooms at their service and in case of damage they must respond for the good when handing over their room unless the damage is caused by no generated by the host.
The hotel owner, from the appointment of the sustainability leader, granted sufficient and necessary power to him to initially carry out the study of the current conditions of the hotel and implement everything in our power to develop the activity of accommodation and lodging of people in harmony with the NTS TS 002 sustainability standard for the exercise of this activity. As the hotel is a small company and has four employees among which the manager is the leader of the sustainability program. It was determined that each norm that is taken to correct and reduce expenses will be directly informed to its collaborators and when they know the new provisions, they must abide by them and put them into practice. As for the suppliers, they will be made aware of our sustainability purposes so that in what they can collaborate they do so and together with everyone we can accommodate ourselves to the new legal work provisions, not forgetting our motto "OUR COMMITMENT IS TO SERVE WITH CONSCIOUSNESS" .
TERMINATION OF CONTRACT. The hosting contract ends: a) by expiration of the agreed fixed term. B) for breach of any of the obligations by parties. The breach of both the guest does not exonerate him from the payment of the full fee for the agreed bond. C) when the contract is entered into on a day-to-day basis, that is, when it does not expressly cost expressly on the registration cards and established according to the contract. D) When the contract is for a fixed term, it will end when it expires, in which case THE HOTEL will be able to dispose of the room. In case of early termination, THE GUEST must pay the rate corresponding to the full term, unless there is reasonable cause that, in the opinion of the HOTEL, warrants the early termination of the contract, such as domestic calamity, illness of the GUEST or of the group to its cargo, air quota problems, etc.